About Mamasezz

MamaSezz is a meal delivery service for busy folks who want to eat clean, healthy foods. We take the hassle out of eating well by delivering ready-made, satisfying, and delicious plant-based meals to your door.

For us, it's about so much more than quick and easy meals (though those are pretty darn cool, too). We're all about fueling the next adventure, whether it's summiting a peak or getting the kids to school on time. We've found eating more fruits and veggies powers us to do the things we love most.

And science agrees! Not only does a whole foods plant-based diet give us the energy we need to live and love life, it also reduces the risk for some serious chronic illnesses, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension.

Keeping our bodies healthy helps the planet stay healthy, too. It's estimated if more folks tried a mostly plant-based diet, food-related greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by 55 percent. 

Pretty wild, huh? All from adding a few more plants to our plates. 

So, we're making it easy to do like your MamaSezz…eat your fruits and veggies!

Whether you’re a plant-based expert, a curious newbie, or a cheeseburger connoisseur, everyone’s welcome at our table. Happy noshing!